El Segundo Magazine: Super CPR Saturday 2012

Super CPR Saturday is my second story ever with El Segundo TV and I couldn’t ask for a better one. CPR is such a common crisis prevention technique that many may not see just how useful it can be. Well, Chief Fire Marshal James Carver shows us all that CPR (and his son Brian Carver) had saved his life.

I am so touched by James Carver’s real-life account.  It was definitely one of the most heartfelt interviews that I’ve had as a journalist so far. Just hearing him tell his story almost brought tears to my eyes too.

I am so fortunate to meet Carver and his son. They showed a different side to CPR and allowed me to bring that human element to my story.

James Carver reminds us all just how lucky we are to be living each day. In that fateful day, if it were not for his son being able to perform CPR on him, he would not even be talking to us now.  Seeing him successfully recover from such a traumatic life event makes me smile. He went from loss of breath to a hearty chuckle.  I wish James Carver and his son the best of luck.

With this segment, I am reminded that I can make a difference as a reporter.  I can tell these human-interest stories that I am so passionate about. This story inspires me to keep going.

You can watch Amy’s story on Super CPR Saturday HERE.

Until next time! Can’t wait to share my next experience with you all!

Yours truly,

Amy Lieu

El Segundo TV Reporter


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